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My kids anxiety book “Just Like You”

It’s almost here! The anticipation and excitement are building. Get ready for a great book on anxiety that’s geared towards kids. This is my first book, and I’m so excited for everyone More »

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Favourite Quote Friday

I’ve taken the year that lies behind me, I’ve lived it, experienced it and loved that I continue to grow and learn. Let the new year embrace us. Let the days ahead More »

Chocolate Race

Getting the most out of life

Most of us think that New Year’s Eve is a great time to make new resolutions, find new ways of improving ourselves for the upcoming year ahead. A new beginning a fresh More »

Good Morning

Short week or not it’s hard to get out the door

If your morning started off anything like ours we were all a little groggy getting up and getting started. It’s getting back into routine that sometimes not bring out the best in More »

Your ideas could be in our new book!!

anxiety bugHow do you challenge the anxiety bug?
Draw it, write it,photograph it – show us what you got!
How do you kick the anxiety bug to the curb? We want to know!
Your strategy could be in our next book!
All ages welcome
Send your submission along with the attached form (before December 31, 2015) to:

We’ll send you the release form once we receive your submission!

A new perspective…

Since 2008 I have worked hard to create an environment at the “Raising Socially Anxious Children Blog” where families can find resources, learn from our struggles, open up the dialogue about mental health and become a global village of support. I have sourced out articles in the hopes that it would be of interest to you – the readers.

I have heard from many of you that the content has helped in some way. Whether it was solace in our experiences, an opportunity to discover a new therapy or a quote/affirmation that resonates and gives the reader a sense of peace it has always been my hope that in some way all families can move forward and thrive. After all, my motto has always been “dare to dream and believe in wishes”.

There comes a time in ones journey when in order to move forward and continue to grow and progress you must leave the past behind. That doesn’t mean that you forget about it or disregard all that you have achieved. In fact, it is all about embracing it and giving ones experiences credit where credit is due. I have learned so much along the way and I am grateful for every moment – both good and bad. Our family still struggles with things both large and small, however I feel that for us to truly move forward we have to let go of some of the past.

That doesn’t mean that the Raising Socially Anxious Children Blog is going away. No, in fact it is just blended with “Talk, Breathe, Live”. Over the coming months we will expand this site to include resources, focusing on and embracing the moments of success and continually bringing to the forefront all those positive moments.

Thank you for your feedback, for sharing a piece of your own lives with us, and for your dedication to your children who are the true inspirations for all that we do.

We are glad that you joined us here at “Talk, Breathe, Live”. We wish you every continued success as you move forward – one day at a time, one moment at a time, one breathe at a time.

“When our children sense our respect for their ability to lead the way this empowers them beyond measure.” Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Monday Morning Mantra

I see the future as I want it to unfold. I dream, I aspire to new heights, I climb every mountain and life never ceases to amaze me.

What’s your mantra for today?

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for…

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This time of year is by far my favourite. From September to December (well January actually) I am filled with a wonderful feeling of gratitude and celebration. It’s not that throughout the rest of the year I am grumpy and ungrateful it’s just that with the cool breezes of September and changes that mother nature allows us to witness bring forward a streaming feeling change and movement. I also believe that at this time I spend a little time truly witnessing where I’ve come from at the beginning of the year to where I am at now. I am a giving person by nature so lending or hosting a Thanksgiving meal and beginning to think about what special treats I can make or give to those I love around me in the coming months just fills my bucket up. I’ve recently even managed to share my exhuberance of the fall season with a co-worker of mine. Fall will come regardless of whether we like it or not so why not embrace it rather than fight it.
So for those of you that do celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday I wish that you and your family have a wonderful chance to gather together and share a meal, laugh and embrace the uniqueness of everyone around the table. For those of you who do not join in this tradition I wish you a peaceful weekend as well. There is so much to be thankful for that surrounds us each and every single day. It is true that when we see the good and the positive and are grateful more comes our way.
I am grateful for you the readers of this blog who have shared so much with me over the years. Thank you!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Introducing “Martha the Mouse” with a give away

I LOVE sharing books and resources but I especially love sharing independent authors with all of you. I had the wonderful pleasure of sitting down with the very talented Karen Lang. We talked about her journey with Martha and I am so happy to have had some time to connect with her and share the same passion for writing and the creative process. It is my pleasure to share with you her wonderful series about a mouse named Martha. This series is a wonderful tool for children struggling with anxiety. We can never have too many tools when building up that tool box.
To help you build your toolbox Karen has been kind enough to offer one of the “Martha the Mouse” books as a give away. All you have to do is tell us about your favourite book – it can be anything that you’ve read or read to your children that have inspired and resonated with you. Words are such powerful tools to heal, comfort and bring us joy. So after you read her wonderful post make sure to send your entries to darlene@talkbreathelive.com before July 15th, 2013. Winner will be selected at random. Winner must live in North America.
I thank Karen for introducing us to Martha. I will let author Karen tell you more about Martha and her adventures. 
Martha the Mouse by Karen Lang
A small, but powerful voice, of courage and self-discovery.
We are….who we want to be!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a perfect solution to the challenge of shyness and social anxiety??
But very fortunately, there ARE many strategies, and ways, we can help our kids to manage their feelings of anxiety and shyness.
A mouse named Martha
Martha the Mouse is a series of children’s books that began from observing the experiences and challenges of my own children, as well as the wisdom gained from my lifelong “management” of my own shyness.
There are 3 books in the series, each one addressing a new strategy or realization…
In a nutshell, Martha is an adorable and quirky little mouse, who bravely enters the realm of some of those worries and uncertainties that children (and even adults) sometimes experience.
She comes up with a unique strategy to help her gain a little more confidence, and she discovers how she can use her imagination to open up a world of creative fun and adventure.
AND….she also makes a discovery about herself……she begins to understand just how wonderfully unique she is. While she may “seem” the same as the other mice in many ways, she discovers just how many subtle things make her, (and each and everyone of us), just a little bit different than anyone else.
She is now a mouse on an adventure!!
Martha the(confident) Mouse
Martha the (imaginative) Mouse
Martha the (one-of-a-kind) Mouse

Martha the Mouse books are available:
In the Toronto Public Libraires,
On-line at www.marthathemouse.ca
….as well as in stores:
Parentbooks on Harbord Street
The Jacaranda Store on Mount Pleasant Road…..and…..
Chapters/indigo stores in the GTA

Martha will be making an appearance at Word on the Street – Sunday, September 22, 2013, Queen’s Park Circle

LMAO – Laughing My Anxiety Off – Adult Program

It is just as important for parents to be supported and have resources available to make them feel their best. I am always looking for great resources and Laurel’s program is spectacular. I always like options and part of dealing with anxiety is knowing that you have those tools in your toolbox. Here’s all you need to know about LMAO – Laughing my anxiety off.

Are you struggling with excessive worry, anxiety or anxious moments?
Do you need a supportive community in conjunction with or outside of traditional therapies?
Do you need a safe and friendly environment that connects you to others struggling with anxiety or worry?
Are you apprehensive about meeting groups of strangers IRL (in real life)?
Program Creator:
Laurel Crossley, B. A. Child Studies, Life Coach, and Parent Educator, struggled with anxiety from early childhood into early adulthood when she finally “deleted” it from her life. She was desperate to locate a support group to talk and share her struggles with and couldn’t find any. LMAO was originally created to support children but SO many of her adult clients asked for a similar group and so, Laurel began LMAO for adults.
An addendum to “traditional therapies”, LMAO serves as an online support system for adults affected by worry or anxious thoughts.
Delivered via Skype, this 5-week support initiative meets once per week and discusses topics through the online chat and video components of Skype with Laurel acting as facilitator
During the initial week, Laurel involves participants in creating a format that supports the group – i.e. positive feedback – each week someone is elected to say wonderful and meaningful things about each other
Topics for discussion will be decided upon the first night of programming to ensure the content reflects the participants

For further information/program details/registration please contact:
Laurel Crossley, B.A.
Phone: 289-337-8417
Click on the link to e-mail: LMAO Inquiry
Cost: $125 per person for 5 weeks
Next Class Begins: Monday, June 3rd, 2013 – 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Where: Skype

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