Thankful Tuesday

Make sure you take some time for yourself today and remember how amazing you are. I am thankful today for the great words of inspiration and affirmation I find from others. I read a great affirmation today and I’d like to share it with you. What are you thankful for today?

Listen To The Dream In You
Copyright ©1996 By Nancye Sims


To the dream within you.

It’s there

In whatever

Puts stars in your eyes

And makes your heart sing.


To your feelings,

And you will hear

Who you are

And what you must do.


To your needs,

And you will know

Where to find

What you are looking for.


To the wisdom within.

It is trying to lead you

To your destiny.


To the song in you,

And your life

Will be one of harmony.

You will be

Who you were meant to be.

You will be complete

And at peace

And happier than you’ve ever been,

If only you will


To the dream within you.

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