Thankful Tuesday

When we are happy and not full of stress and anger our bodies are in balance and harmony. Those negative emotions dig deeper than you might think so that’s why I have created “Thankful Tuesday“. Although we should be thankful every day I have allotted one day of the week to really pay attention to all that is surrounding us, grounding us and aiding our body, minds and spirits to perform at their utmost potential. When you see the world around you embraced by love and goodness and when you carry that forward there is sheer bliss.

So let’s try it today. Take a moment to really think about those things that you are happy for right here and right now.
If it’s alright with you I will share some of my “thankful” for the day. Whatever you call it thankful, gratitude, bliss own it and enjoy it.
Thankful Tuesday:

My kids – who make me laugh each morning

Our voices –  that allow us to belt out some morning songs and parodies to make us giggle

My husband – who is always there for me no matter what. His friendship each and every day is such a blessing.

The sunshine –  that reminded me of my own strength by shining some warm light right at my heart.

Ambition – that keeps me motivated to move forward on my path regardless of who hard the task in front of me.

Faith – faith in myself to make a phone call I felt ambivalent about, suggest my book to a family that is struggling and give someone encouragement in the face of adversity knowing that I am capable of helping.
Please share with us your Thankful for today!

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