My Mission

My mission is to coach, motivate and empower people so they can experience their own natural amazing ability to achieve their life goals. I will accomplish this by providing a creative and inspiring environment where my clients find excitement and passion in expressing themselves in order to discover and maintain fulfillment and life balance.

Let me introduce myself…
Darlene Wierski-Devoe
I am Darlene Wierski-Devoe. I became a Life Coach because I had a moment where it all finally made sense. All of the trials, tribulations, grief, loss, happiness, success – it all had a purpose, a meaning. In the midst of all of the chaos it certainly didn’t feel that way. Yet when I had “my moment” I finally realized that with each experience I had gained more wisdom and insight into my life, as well as healing and balance. It was as a result of these realizations that I found my path.

I am passionate about being a Life Coach because I want to inspire you. I want to help you realize your own self worth. I am eager to share with you tools to help you reclaim the beauty and richness of feeling whole, fulfilled and happy. I want everyone to understand that there is so much to life, and that each and every day we have the opportunity to embrace all our lives have to offer. I want to teach you how to stop and listen to what’s going on inside of your own body and mind so that you can appreciate the silence and spend time reviving your truest self.

Sometimes our lives can get stuck in a bit of rut. We have so many different things that pull us in every direction each and every day. It is hard to find balance. My job is to help you find your path – your balance – and the answers that already lie within you that are just a little out of focus.

I am a Life Coach certified through the CCF – Certified Coaches Federation. I also am the mother of two wonderful children. I am an author, and since 2008 have had a resource blog for parents who are raising children with anxiety disorders.

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