“P.S. I Need This” is a stimulating, interactive course that helps you re-connect with the one person who is most important: YOU.

Welcome to your journey to peace and serenity!

Program Overview
This program is designed to help you find peace and serenity, as well as the silent reflection time we all so much deserve, but that seems to elude us. We create our own destiny and we write our own life’s book, so together let’s bring it back to the basics and delight in finding our selves again. We will nourish our bodies and minds through the simple practices laid out in this program.

The “P.S. I Need This” program is implemented over 6 sessions. Each week you will be given exercises to do while we are together as well as some take home tasks. These exercises are meant to be thought provoking, inspiring and stimulating. The goal is to bring you a sense of re-connection within yourself; a sense of peace.

Program Format
“P.S. I Need This” one hour sessions are held once a week for six weeks, and can be for individuals, or groups as large as six. Depending on your location, sessions can be conducted in person or via teleconference.

Program Cost
Individuals six weeks one hour per week $300.00 per person
Groups of 2 or 3 six weeks one hour per week $250.00 per person
Groups of 4 to 6 six weeks one hour per week $200.00 per person

Program Registration
For individuals, please click on “Pay Now” (below) to pay via PayPal. For groups of 2 to 6, or if you have questions please email me.

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