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We need music Wednesday’s

A little late but none the less who doesn’t like ice cream on a Wednesday afternoon.

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Monday Morning Mantra

What if you took your fear and turned it into a positive thought.
What if you didn’t back down from a challenge but instead pushed through.
What if you broke all the rules that you hold true and just what if you had a breakthrough.
What if – what if – became a faded thought and it was replaced by “I did it”.

Challenge the what if’s in your mind today and see what happens. I am.

Favourite Quote Friday

You can’t hide the will that lies within you.
You can’t stifle the life that rises from deep within your core.
You can let life flow like a breathe of fresh air each and every day and giggle when the hiccups come along.

Affirmation for the day

You cannot compare yourself to others because there is no one like you. There is no one that has lived your life and walked in your shoes. There is no one else that has the connection to your life like you do. Instead of comparing your life – embrace it, instead of cursing your past – cherish your growth and enjoy your journey.

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