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Favourite Quote Friday

You can’t hide the will that lies within you.
You can’t stifle the life that rises from deep within your core.
You can let life flow like a breathe of fresh air each and every day and giggle when the hiccups come along.

Monday Morning Mantra

StepsEach day is a new day.
Each minute is a new minute.
Each time I make a choice it is a new opportunity.
Don’t let the past hold you back.
Let now move you forward.

Quote by Darlene Wierski-Devoe

Favourite Quote Friday

Exploring Nature
Oh it’s been a very busy but great week. I’ve had so many great things happen and feel the energy just moving and flowing. Here’s a quote for today:

I will do whatever my spirit feels like doing and expressing. Even if the ideas are out there or ridiculous if I want to try it I will. If I fail then I will have learned a lesson and if I succeed then I will be on my path to moving forward. Either way my choices are what I feel in my mind, body and soul and they are mine.”

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