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Take Care Thursday

Take Care Thursday –
We owe it to ourselves to do something to enhance our wellness. Whether that is take a walk, or doing yoga – whatever resonates with you. This morning I did a session of yoga before the day got started and it was amazing.
What are you going to do for yourself today that will have your body, mind and spirit say “thank you”?

Take Care Thursdays

Mother and daughter

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Never to late for, “Take Care Thursdays”. Although it is late in the day it is never to late to think about taking care of ourselves. I just came back from a well needed Chiropractic appointment and I could work on some stuff but instead I’m taking direction from my wonderful daughter and we are snuggling on the bed instead. That is my time to re-connect with my sweet girl. So despite the time what can you do to “Take Care Thursday?”.

Take Care Thursdays

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Wow…what a week. I don’t know about you but when I have things continually wearing me down I allow myself a break from it all. This March Break it’s been a combination of a sick dog, sleeping on the couch for 3 nights, a son release trauma therapy energy and keeping my daughter occupied during March Break. I’m wiped. So today since the weather isn’t going to be too nice my daughter and I will be watching movies and snuggling…just because we can. What are you doing for yourself for Take Care Thursday?

Take Care Thursdays


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So this week has been completely overwhelming for me and the next 3 days will prove to be just as emotional. I am aware that this week is not my average week and it’s challenging me. Emotionally, physically and mentally it has been a week where “Take Care Thursday” is even more essential than ever. This afternoon before the kids come home from school I am going to spend some time reading. It is a passion of mine and it seems like there is never enough hours in the day and I have so many wonderful things that I would like to read. So a cup of tea, a muffin that I made yesterday and a good book for at least 1/2 hour. That’s my treat to myself.
What are you doing today to take care of yourself?

Take Care Thursdays


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Do you ever get the feeling that life is just going too fast or that you are spending time on the wrong things. Well, today for, “Take Care Thursday” I am going to make sure that I spend some quality time with the people I love the most. My kids LOVE to have picnics so for dinner tonight we are going to have a picnic complete with a little treat for them too. I’ll pull out some games and we can enjoy each others company. No computers, ipods or t.v. Just us! Enjoy your Thursday!
What are you doing to take care of yourself?

Take Care Thursdays

I couldn’t resist this youtube clip because for Take Care Thursdays it’s all about caring and giving only of your compassion and love for others. My 9 year old shared this with me and I couldn’t resist but share it. Hope it makes you feel as good in your soul as I did watching it!

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