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Monday Morning Mantra

I will not live with regrets, I will live with pure intention and graceful presence. My life is rich and full and each breath I take leads me to more abundance and joy!

Monday Morning Mantra

“Maple Leaf In Stream” by Markuso

I am capable if brilliantly beautiful things each and every day. It is my time to shine right here, right now. No fear, no regrets, just me.

Thankful Tuesdays

There are things in every day that we can be thankful for but with the pace of life these things have a tendency to slip through our fingers.

I am thankful for the rain today. I am thankful for what it does to for the grass, trees and flowers but as well I am thankful that it makes my children extra close while dodging the rain drops on our walk to school.

Thankful Tuesday – share with us what you are thankful for?

Take Care Thursday

Take Care Thursday –
We owe it to ourselves to do something to enhance our wellness. Whether that is take a walk, or doing yoga – whatever resonates with you. This morning I did a session of yoga before the day got started and it was amazing.
What are you going to do for yourself today that will have your body, mind and spirit say “thank you”?

Favourite Quote Friday

”In the end these things matter most:
How well did you love?
How fully did you love?
How deeply did you learn to let go? ” The Buddha

Have a great weekend everyone!

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