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Thankful Tuesday

I am grateful today for internal awareness of my body’s healing and the messages that it sends when it is in need of some thing big or small. I am also eternally grateful for my naturopath who continually guides me on my journey and have been witness to amazing successes.

Our bodies are such amazing things of beauty and we often speak a completely different language. We need to listen but first and foremost slow down and stop the internal chatter long enough to hear.

What are you thankful for?

Thankful Tuesday

Every day we have something to be thankful for. Sometimes we are just so caught up in all the chaos we neglect all the small things that make our lives truly amazing.

Heart of happinessToday I am truly thankful for the snuggles in the morning with my children. It fills my heart with joy and warmth to know hear those giggles and feel the warmth of their bodies as they hug me. I hope that my kids will never be too old, too embarrassed or too tired to hug me.

Thankful Tuesday

The temperature has hit a bit of a low here -25 with the wind chill but what should we expect. We live in Canada and last time I checked it is winter time. Today for my “Thankful Tuesday” it may seem obvious but I am thankful for heat. It goes beyond just a sheer thankfulness for the heat in my home. I am thankful for the cold which gives me a chance to really appreciate the warmth and comfort of home. Today feels like a day to make cookies for when the kids get home and snuggle by the fire. It brings me closer to my family and even this morning at school a friend grabbed my arm and together we walked into the wind on a very cold trek home.
What is your thankful for today?

Thankful Tuesday

When we are happy and not full of stress and anger our bodies are in balance and harmony. Those negative emotions dig deeper than you might think so that’s why I have created “Thankful Tuesday“. Although we should be thankful every day I haveĀ allottedĀ one day of the week to really pay attention to all that is surrounding us, grounding us and aiding our body, minds and spirits to perform at their utmost potential. When you see the world around you embraced by love and goodness and when you carry that forward there is sheer bliss.

So let’s try it today. Take a moment to really think about those things that you are happy for right here and right now.
If it’s alright with you I will share some of my “thankful” for the day. Whatever you call it thankful, gratitude, bliss own it and enjoy it.
Thankful Tuesday:

My kids – who make me laugh each morning

Thankful Tuesdays

There are things in every day that we can be thankful for but with the pace of life these things have a tendency to slip through our fingers.

I am thankful for the rain today. I am thankful for what it does to for the grass, trees and flowers but as well I am thankful that it makes my children extra close while dodging the rain drops on our walk to school.

Thankful Tuesday – share with us what you are thankful for?

Thankful Tuesday

Not a day goes by that there isn’t a handful (or more) of things that we should be grateful for. So today my thankful tuesday I am truly thankful for pictures. I found one the other day of our daughter from when she was small. This picture makes my heart fill with love each time I look at it and it reminds me of how quickly time goes by and to embrace it every day.

What are you thankful for today?

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