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We need music Wednesdays

This song is an oldie but a goodie. You always have something to celebrate and it’s all about perspective!

We need music Wednesdays

Here is today’s selection for “We need music Wednesdays“. Hope you enjoy it and remember to live each day to the fullest!

Ever wondered why I have “We need music Wednesdays?”

It wasn’t until a friend of mine mentioned to me, “Do you realize that you sing a lot. The whole family does” that I realized just how much we do sing around here. I sing my problems sometimes or belt out my issues with a messy house by singing it out. It turns out that there is a really good reason for music to make us feel good. I found this article today and since it’s “We need music Wednesday” I just had to share this article with you and of course my selection for today which is “Everyday” from Bif Naked. I have always loved this song but after passing a tweet with her yesterday I felt that the universe was telling me something. It was telling me to share this song. Enjoy!

“Dip your feet into the ocean.
Let the sun beat on your skin.
Soak in every emotion,
that you never thought you’d live.
And never take for granted,
every breath you’re breathing in.
Go everywhere you’ve never been,”

We need music Wednesdays

So here’s a song by Nina Simone that some of you may know and others not so much. It gets your moving and thinking that “it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life!”
Enjoy the sunshine out there and remember to send me your picks for “We need music Wednesdays.

We need music Wednesdays

Ever since I started posting, “We need music Wednesdays” my husband has been bound and determined to find a song to contribute to the mid-week rush of musical energy. This may seem like a little thing but the thing you need to know is that when we first met our musical tastes were so very far apart. One of the things that I love about him is that despite my more calmer musical tastes he can appreciate good music no matter what the tempo and I too have surprised him on occasion by singing along with Metallica while half asleep. So, for this week’s selection I have chosen a song that he suggested. The lyrics resonate so much with me because he has “walked beside me” and he has been “the one to hold me up”. That’s what we need to survive – the unconditional support of others.  What’s your song for today?

Through all that may come
And all that may go
I walk beside you
I walk beside you

Let me know what plagues your mind
Let me be the one to know you best
Be the one to hold you up
When you feel like you’re sinking

We need music wednesday

This song I chose today because Sarah used to be all that I listened too. It has been ages since I heard this song and sometimes we just need that “blast from the past” song. Hope you enjoy it!

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